Moving Boxes And Packaging

bubble wrap 002 | RFC Removals & StrogeA wide selection of Moving Boxes And Packaging Materials are available to purchase so you can protect your belongings while in transit and then in storage.

As well as moving boxes And packaging materials RFC Removals And Storage also stock bubble wrap, to protect fragile items during transport and storage with our conveniently-sized rolls of bubble wrapping material. Our high-performance furniture wrap is perfect for protecting wooden furniture against moisture and damage, as well as glass and other fragile items.

We stock a wide range of protective and convenient items. Simply contact us to discuss your needs and we will help you fulfill your requirements.

*Sorry we do not buy back seconds boxes or used crockery or wine boxes.

Self Packing Vs Professional Packing

scissors 1986602 640 | RFC Removals & StrogeWe are often asked if owners can pack for themselves. The short answer is yes, you can do your own packing for moves within Ireland, however, most customers do leave it to us.

Packing is priced as an option in your moving quote, and we believe you’ll find the price to be a pleasant surprise. When you get your moving quote, you’ll receive a separate packing price to consider.

Many of our clients find that with everything involved with moving they prefer to save time and extra hassle and leave the packing to us.

Professional Packing

Our professional packing teams protect items such as china, plastics and books in paper before stowing them in cartons. All packing takes place in your home, and with the exception of ‘same day’ local moves, each package or carton is sequentially numbered with labels prior to loading, which provides tracking information and inventory management including reference numbers, your name, your destination and your move date.